The Daniel And Henry Company’s Group Benefits: More Than Just Medical Coverage

Selecting the perfect St. Louis group benefits coverage for your business can be stressful.  As an employer, you will find yourself asking questions like, “Are the policies affordable?” and “Are they affordable enough?”  Something many business-owners may forget to consider is one all-important question – will my employees find these benefits useful?

Life Insurance – Did you know that business solution specialists can actually determine and identify the most appropriate life insurance coverage options for your employees? According to insurance industry professionals LIMRA, over one-third of all adults have life insurance through their employers. Consider the value of funding “Buy/Sell” Agreements through the use of Life insurance as well as “Key Man Coverage.” Are you currently offering this group benefit?

Short and Long-Term Disability / Long-Term Care – Insurance providers may offer strategies to provide your employees with an opportunity to plan for financial security in the event an employee is disabled over an extended period of time.

Dental & Vision – Have you been searching for affordable and desirable dental and vision coverage to complete your Health Benefits package? A qualified business insurance provider can provide employers with customized options to help keep their workforce covered.

When it comes to additional group benefits, The Daniel and Henry Company has the important insurance coverages that your employees will appreciate. Our dedicated group of professionals works closely with insurers to provide your business with the comprehensive coverage and cost-effective insurance solutions that you deserve.  Contact us to learn more about our Health Benefits business solutions today.