Voluntary Products

Many valuable products are now available to enrich your employee benefit offerings while providing employee flexibility and control. You can offer a variety of high-demand products to employees, providing payroll deduction, guarantee issue, and enhanced benefit offerings without financial contribution from your company.

  • Worksite Products

    Many employers are facing a real dilemma when it comes to employee benefits. Health care costs continue to rise, and maintaining a comprehensive and competitive employee benefits program is becoming increasingly difficult. Offering supplemental benefits can be a way to control costs and still meet employee’s needs.

    Worksite supplemental benefits are benefits that are offered at the worksite, but are selected and paid for by employees through payroll deductions. Employers can define their budget or contribution to supplemental benefits by allocating a fixed monthly dollar amount that employees can use to tailor a supplemental benefits program that fits their specific needs. This allows employers to limit their cost increases while delivering more benefits.