D&H Private Exchange

Our private exchange is your one-stop shop for a wide array of employee benefit needs.  It delivers a customer centric retail experience for the insurance buying process.  Employers can allocate a set amount of dollars for each employee to spend on health insurance, and employees spend those dollars as they see fit. Choices include multiple health options with varying amounts of coverage and cost, plus add-ons such as wellness programs and telemedic support. By using our exchange, employees are empowered to buy coverage based on their specific needs, including budget.

Program Highlights

  • Flexible plan design provides a broad choice of national and regional insurance carriers. Supplemental benefits with third-party health services, such as wellness and telemedicine, also are    available.
  • The program reduces the employer’s administrative workload through data integration and improved operational efficiency. The platform allows for integration of data to carriers, HRIS, payroll and other vendors, and offers simplified reporting and billing processes. The integrated system can reduce exposure to compliance-related penalties.
  • Supports Affordable Care Act record-keeping responsibilities.
  • Employees can access personalized benefit decision support and request changes for life e vents through a web-based self-service portal 24/7.

Introduction to The Daniel and Henry Co. Private Exchange
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