Helpful Links

The Daniel and Henry Co. is pleased to provide a list of various web sites that relate to the insurance industry, news, weather, disaster preparedness, and safety for our clients and Web site visitors.


A.M. Best
Best’s Review by A.M. Best
Business Insurance
Insurance Information Institute
Insurance Journal
St. Louis Business Journal

Disaster Preparedness & Response:

American Red Cross
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) Emergency Preparedness and Response
Homeland Security
Missouri Emergency Preparedness
National Flood Insurance Program / FEMA
Safety Insurance – Preparing for Natural Disasters & Weather Emergencies

Insurance & Safety:

U.S. Department of Labor / Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
Illinois Department of Insurance
Missouri Department of Insurance
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Illinois Department of Transportation
Missouri Department of Transportation


CDC – During a Flood
CDC – After a Flood


Local and National Weather
National Weather Service (NOAA)