Protect Your Business With Workers’ Compensation Insurance

1[1]Are you starting a new business or thinking about easing your workload by hiring your first employees?  In Missouri, all employers with five or more employees must insure themselves with workers’ compensation insurance. Be sure to protect yourself and your company with Missouri workers’ compensation insurance from a company like The Daniel and Henry Company.  

If workers’ compensation did not exist, employers would be found caught in an endless cycle of litigation.  Missouri lobbyist Rich AuBuchon notes that was the whole point of workers’ compensation. “[Workers’ compensation was created] so that there wouldn’t be years of litigation hanging over an employer’s head and, at the same time, the employee would have the certainty of getting a specific amount of money,” said Aubuchon.

Workers’ compensation enables your business to provide coverage for employees who are hurt on the job. The Daniel and Henry Company will analyze your business and determine the appropriate amount of coverage you need to protect your business and your employees. If you are ready to provide your business with the coverage it deserves, contact our insurance professionals today.