Midwest Companies Trust Group Benefit Coverage to Daniel and Henry

dh (13)[1]The Daniel and Henry Company knows that the cost of operating a business is high. That is why our Group Benefits Department works with you to make sure your employees have the coverage that they need – and can afford. We serve our clients and their employees to provide:

·         Customized strategic plans

·         Cost control

·         Access to virtually all insurance and administration markets

·         Access to a dedicated team of specialists — all through a single point of contact

·         Leverage our size and carrier relationships for your benefit

·         Use leading technology to provide the latest data analysis, legislative, communication, and human resources administration tools

·         Specialized value-added services

·         Access resources available through Assurex International

To effectively manage your medical benefit costs, The Daniel and Henry Company team will work to identify specific goals, objectives, and challenges you face. We will then create a customized strategy to meet your needs. You can rely on our expertise and superior service for medical benefits, allowing you to concentrate on your core business responsibilities. We also have access to affordable, limited medical benefit plans which offer:

·         Basic medical care and routine services

·         Deep network discounts from large provider networks

·         Cost effective, easy to understand alternatives for part-time employees or employees not covered by your current benefit plan

The Daniel and Henry Company works to offer more to our clients than simply rates and renewal options. We help solve problems. If your business is in need of employee group benefits insurance, contact one of our professionals today for more information.