Keeping Your Automobile Safe: Winter Maintenance Checklist

The Daniel and Henry Company wants to make sure your vehicle is getting from point A to point B this winter. The Daniel and Henry Company is here to help you navigate through snow and ice on the road this season. We have a few winter car maintenance tips to ensure your car is in top-top shape as the temperatures continue to drop.

  1. Before hitting the road in the midst of a snowstorm, be sure that you are checking a few of things. Your car needs a solid checklist of items that will help keep you on the road, so make sure that your battery, lights, fluid levels, oil level and brakes have been inspected. It’s also a good idea to replace your wipers this time of year for optimal visibility.
  2. Build yourself an emergency kit. The last thing you and your family needs is to be stranded and freezing in the middle of nowhere. If your car does happen to break down, you’ll be happy to have essentials like blankets, gloves, flashlights, flares and snacks packed.
  3. Consider adding chains to your tires. Your all-season tires aren’t necessarily built to withstand the stress of freezing temperatures and snow – chains will help provide the maximum amount of traction possible.

Do your family a favor this season and have your car inspected and prepared to withstand all of the harsh elements that come with winter weather. Don’t forget – even the most careful and prepared drivers can’t avoid all accidents. To make sure that your vehicles have the proper coverage this winter, contact The Daniel and Henry Company to discuss your automobile insurance policy.