Insurance 101: What To Know About Your Student Leaving For College (Part 2)

Did your college student take their car with them when they left for college?  Will they be insured? If your child’s car gets broken into on campus, will your automobile insurance cover that claim?  Daniel and Henry breaks down the best way to approach your college student’s automobile insurance while they are away at school.

dh (6)[1]The best thing you can do to ensure coverage for your student’s automobile while they are away is to contact your insurance provider.  Communication is key in guaranteeing that your policy is honored in case of accident or theft.  If your current policy’s premium is based on your location, changing the garage in which their car is listed and not notifying your insurer can lead to the insurance company denying coverage for a claim.  If your student is moving from a rural home in northern Missouri to go to college in Chicago, inform your insurer of this information – even if it means a slight increase in your rates.

Once your children leave home and begin to take on more responsibilities, we know it is tempting to remove them from your auto insurance policy.  When they come home for winter break, is there any chance they will use your car?  To ensure proper coverage, The Daniel and Henry Company advises our clients to continue listing their students as drivers on the automobile policy.  But when the time comes for them to be on their own, we will guide you through the process and provide consultation and solutions.

No matter their age, we understand the need to make sure our children are safe.  If you are concerned about your college student’s automobile coverage while they are away at school, contact the insurance professionals at Daniel and Henry.  We can help identify any gaps in your existing coverage and help find an auto policy that fits your family’s needs.