Insurance 101: What To Know About Your Student Leaving For College (Part 1)

With the fall 2012 semester well underway, parents all over the country are beginning to adjust to life without their college students under the same roof.  Did you know that those expensive gifts they received at their high school graduation might not be covered under your current homeowner’s policy?  The Daniel and Henry Company has compiled some important information regarding your dependent’s coverage while they are away at school.

It is important to determine whether or not your home insurance policy has any gaps in it regarding your student’s coverage when they are at college.  For example, full-time student status can often make the difference in whether or not your dependent meets eligibility requirements.  Remember to pass this information along to your child so they are aware that they need to maintain status as a full-time student. 

After freshman or sophomore year, students tend to move to off-campus housing.  More often than not, an off-campus apartment or house will not be covered under your current homeowner insurance policy.  We recommend renters insurance to keep your student – and their belongings – covered.

Moving out is tough for college freshmen – help make things a little easier by insuring all of their favorite possessions while they are in the dorms.  If you are not sure if your current homeowner insurance policy is lacking coverage for your dependent, contact the Daniel and Henry Company.  Our agents can assist you in choosing the perfect plan for you and your loved ones.