Daniel and Henry Company’s Approach to Loss Control and Risk Management

As a business owner, you know that your company is unique and deserves a unique approach to loss control.   The Daniel and Henry Company does just that – we create customized loss control programs to custom fit your company’s individual needs. 

LOGO[1]Our loss control professionals are not only the best in the Midwest, but nationwide as well.  We have created a four-step approach to identify all of your needs and to pinpoint where you need improvements.  The following is how these four steps work:

1.       Step One – We evaluate your operations.  We also recognize existing safety management and loss control programs while analyzing loss history and trends.  We study your workplace and label any noticeable hazards.

2.       Step Two – Daniel and Henry reports back our initial findings and recommendations.  With the help of your staff, we implement changes to the facility and training.  Once the new procedures are in place, we discuss what you can expect from the recommended changes. 

3.       Step Three – After implementation, we provide training for the supervisors and the safety committee.  If you are in need of administration assistance – such as research, literature, sample programs or videos – we supply these resources.

4.       Step Four – We regroup to review the progress that is being made toward the objectives.  Finally, we continue to provide any ongoing assistance you may need.

With our four-step approach, the Daniel and Henry Company can tailor your service requirements to manage risk for your business.  Be sure to contact one of our insurance professionals to discuss your company’s unique loss control program.