Auto Insurance In The Midwest: What You Don’t Know About Your Policy

aa (1)[1]You might be surprised to hear about some of the coverage available through your automobile insurance policy – and just as surprised by what may not be covered. Knowledge is power and auto insurance provider The Daniel and Henry Co. thinks it is important to know all about your policy before you find yourself needing to use it.

  • What’s on the inside actually DOESN’T matter. Your car may be covered by your auto policy, but your belongings are not. If you find yourself continually leaving personal possessions like iPods, laptops, GPS and other pricey items unattended in your vehicle, you may want to reconsider. Yes, the windows that are bashed out to reach these prizes are typically covered, but the items stolen are actually covered under certain homeowner insurance policies.
  • Man’s best friend is not covered. If you are involved in a collision, most car insurance policies throughout the Midwest cover the medical bills for the driver and passengers – that is if the passengers are of the Homo sapiens variety. More often than not, pets and veterinary bills are not covered through your auto insurance. If you and Fido hit the open road together frequently, look into a specific policy that will keep him protected.
  • Save money up front – Yes, we know paying your auto insurance all at once does SEEM like a lot to spend up-front. BUT, by paying one or two lump sums versus spreading payments out over a twelvemonth span each year, drivers can often earn a nice little discount.

The key point to remember is that all automobile policies are different, so it is important to read through the details of your coverage. Are you interested in finding out more about The Daniel and Henry Company’s auto policy or the different policies we have available? Contact our insurance professionals today to get started.