A St. Louis Insurance Company Investigates: What Holiday Gifts Should You Insure?

dh (25)[1]The New Year is here and the holidays are winding down – did you get everything you asked for this year? If Santa was extra good to you this year, you may want to make sure those new gifts are covered under your current home insurance policy. The Daniel and Henry Company has prepared a list of valuable that you should consider insuring.

Jewelry – If you were fortunate enough to open up one of those cute little velvet boxes – depending on its value – you should get the item appraised and submit the forms into your insurance company.  Each piece should be listed individually (opposed to just claiming a certain amount of jewelry to be insured) to ensure proper coverage.

Antiques and collectables – Similar to those diamond rings and Rolex watches you are insuring, all of your new collectibles should be separately accounted for and appraised for your insurance company. To protect any gaps in coverage, consider a Collections and Valuables insurance policy.

Electronics – Virtually every piece of electronic equipment in your home is automatically covered under your home insurance policy.  From Blu-ray discs to video game consoles to big screen TVs, your policy should have you covered.

We know you are grateful for all of your new holiday gifts – ensure that they are protected from damage or theft by contacting The Daniel and Henry Company to discuss your current insurance policies.  Not sure if one of your gifts should be insured? Give us a call – our risk management professionals are happy to help!