A Midwest Insurance Company Gives Back To The Community

St. Louis residents will be safer this winter due to a $5,000 grant given to the St. Louis Fire Department by St. Louis insurance company Daniel and Henry and the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company in October. The donation allows firefighters to distribute carbon monoxide detectors to those in need. According to the fire department, there should be at least one carbon monoxide detector in each home.

dh (17)[1]Carbon monoxide is a danger because it is odorless, tasteless and colorless – a combination with deadly consequences. Gas-powered appliances – including furnaces and hot water heaters – generate the gas, so carbon monoxide poisoning is much more common in colder, winter months. Faulty venting or other undetected malfunctions can let the gas escape into homes and businesses unnoticed.

Thanks to the grant provided by the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company and The Daniel and Henry Insurance Company, carbon monoxide detectors will be distributed to residents when the fire department responds to alarms or incidents. In addition, a representative of the fire department will follow up six months later to ensure that the detector is still properly installed and ensure that it is in good working condition.

“Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real threat, especially as we head into colder months. These new detectors will help protect citizens of St. Louis,” said Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson. “We appreciate this grant which will truly help make St. Louis residents safer.”

The Daniel and Henry Company supports programs like this because it helps keep our entire community safe. “We can’t think of a better way to support the community,” said Colleen Signorelli, vice president, commercial insurance at The Daniel and Henry Company. “Carbon monoxide detectors save lives, especially during the winter season.”

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