Jeans BeCause – Voices for Illinois Children

Our October Jeans BeCause recipient is Voices for Illinois Children.  In 1987, a dedicated group of civic, business, community, academic, and philanthropic leaders established Voices for Illinois Children to develop and promote strategies that improve conditions for all children throughout the state. As a privately funded organization, Voices for Illinois Children seeks to educate opinion leaders and policymakers on all issues facing children and families.

Over the years, Voices has grown into a powerful and well-respected advocate. Voices unites community leaders and people who care passionately about children into a statewide network that helps establish new policies and implements innovative programs to improve education, health care, and family economics. Now, Voices celebrates 30 years of hard and fruitful work that has yielded many notable accomplishments in building better lives for all the children of Illinois.

A few of the accomplishments include advocating for the creation of KidCare to provide health insurance for children from low-income families and establishing the FamilyCare program to offer health insurance to low-income, working parents. Supporting After-School Youth Development Act and the leadership of the ACT Now Coalition, Preschool for All and an Early Intervention Program, providing therapy for young children with developmental delays or disabilities.

To learn more about Voices for Illinois Children, how to take action, attend an event, or donate, click here.