Jeans BeCause – Urban Strategies

Our November Jeans Because recipient is Urban Strategies, Inc.  Urban Strategies Inc. is a national nonprofit with extensive experience in implementing place-based human capital development strategies in public housing communities that are undergoing comprehensive physical revitalization. Founded in 1978, Urban Strategies works to help communities build safe neighborhoods, enhanced schools, and a range of comprehensive human service supports. Their work is focused in urban core residential communities and is designed to build social and economic mobility for low-income families living in mixed-income communities.

The Mission of Urban Strategies is to empower residents in distressed urban core neighborhoods to lead healthy, prosperous lives in thriving, self-sustaining communities.

Urban Strategies, Inc. believes people are at the heart of our neighborhoods, and their capacity to learn, earn and thrive makes community change possible. They know that successful community development requires a comprehensive and integrated set of strategies around building people and building place.

To learn more about Urban Strategies, click here.

Urban Strategies 2015