Jeans BeCause – Applied Scholastics International

Another Jeans BeCause recipient!  Applied Scholastics is an international educational organization providing Study Technology, a precise set of learning tools developed by American author and educator L. Ron Hubbard. Established by a group of American educators in 1972 as a nonprofit, tax-exempt public benefit corporation, its purpose is to promote and develop programs of effective education for educators, business trainers, tutors, parents, children—anyone who needs improved study skills to enhance their scholastic, business and personal success.

Applied Scholastics provides educators, vocational trainers, community leaders, parents and students with the tools they need to increase both learning rates and the ability to successfully apply what is studied. This is done by training people in Study Technology either at Applied Scholastics International Headquarters in Missouri or on location in their communities. Applied Scholastics also makes its books on Study Technology available through catalogues or online.

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