Risks At Home: Clothes Dryer Fires

Did you know that clothes dryer fires costs policy holders on average $35 million a year?  A report by the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) details that approximately 2,900 clothes dryer fires happen annually.  During fall and winter months, homeowners are more likely to be victim to a fire – here are some tips to prevent a dryer fire in your home:

dh (3)[1]Dryer maintenance – Fires often stem from improper installation or maintenance.  Just like other appliances in your home – like a water heater or furnace – your dryer should have regular maintenance.  According to the USFA’s findings, buildup of lint, hair and other debris was the leading cause of clothes dryer fires in residential buildings. 

Nests in Vents – Did you know that an animal can make a nest of your in exhaust vents outside of your home?  Be sure to be diligent when checking your vents – a constricted airflow can affect the exhaust.  If a bird, for example, builds a nest inside of your vent, this can cause overheating and even fire. 

While most clothes dryer fires are preventable, accidents still happen.  Is your home covered from fire damage? Risk Management expert Colleen Signorelli at Daniel and Henry says that “Coverage for fire is always included in the homeowner policy subject to your deductible.  Make sure you have adequate limits for your home and contents.  Remember that contents that aren’t completely destroyed have to be cleaned and stored while your home is undergoing restoration. That is part of your contents limit also.  An annual insurance review with your insurance professional is always recommended. Ask them to give you an example of a fire claim and how the process works.”   

If you aren’t sure how your policy would respond to a claim, contact The Daniel and Henry Company.  Be confident that you and your family are covered when facing an emergency.