Prevent Midwest Thanksgiving Accidents: Skip The Deep-Fried Turkey

Many families across the Midwest are preparing for Thanksgiving dinner later this week. An increasingly popular trend in preparing your family’s main course is dropping your prized bird into a deep-fryer. We can’t argue that deep-fried turkey doesn’t sound delicious, but is it worth the risk?  The Daniel and Henry Company is here to explain the danger of cooking your turkey in a deep-fryer.

dh (16)[1]Did you know that – according to the National Fire Protection Association – there are over 1,000 deep-fryer-related fires across the United States every year? Deep-fryers are to blame for millions of dollars of property damage annually. These careless accidents can cause injury and harm while subsequently making your insurance policy subject to increased rates and scrutiny.

Still craving some fried bird for your holiday meal? Make sure you take extra precautions before you begin your Thanksgiving cooking (find out more about taking extra care here). Contact the professionals at Daniel and Henry to make sure your home is covered in the event of a Thanksgiving accident today.