Midwest Winter Storms: Are You Covered

With temperatures dropping fast in the bi-state area, we are quickly reminded that winter months are right around the corner.  Are you prepared for snow storms, ice and extreme winds?  If you haven’t reviewed your homeowner insurance policy coverage, you may not be as ready for winter as you think.

dh (9)[1]Did you know that those nice, sunny winter days could actually cause harm to your home?  When the snow on your roof melts and turns into ice with low overnight temperatures, ice dams are created.  These blockages can cause damage to your roof and ultimately, your home’s interior belongings.  A homeowner policy should cover damage to your home, but what about your damaged property?  Talk to an insurance professional to get the right policy to protect your possessions.

Strong winds and ice storms can also be nature’s way of trimming your trees back for the winter.  Are you prepared to clean up the debris a winter storm leaves in your yard? Your homeowner policy may cover any destruction caused to your home – but there may be some gaps in your coverage when it comes to debris removal.

We have all heard the phrase “better safe than sorry” and that could definitely be the case when it comes to winter storms.  Do you have many gaps in your coverage?  Contact a Daniel and Henry Company insurance professional today and we can help find the policies that are right for you.