How To Spot Insurance Fraud: Staged Automobile Accidents

You have car insurance to protect yourself in case something goes wrong. Whether or not you are at fault.  Did you ever stop and think if you were being played?  Did you honestly rear-end that car, or did they cause the accident on purpose?  Automobile insurance fraud has turned into a cash cow for scammers across the country.  Be alert if any of these situations sound familiar to you – you may have been the victim of fraud.
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·         A caused accident is when the person initiating the accident does it on purpose, making it look like it is your fault.  Often, the victim is following a car then suddenly a driver cuts in front of you.  Before you knew what’s happening, you already rear-ended the car that cut you off. 

·         Merging accidents occur when a “helpful” driver slows down to allow you to merge from an on-ramp, only to speed up causing a collision.  Of course, the dishonest driver will deny ever slowing down to let you over.  This can also happen when you are backing out of a parking spot.

·         If you are involved in an  accident, be wary of strangers that stop at the traffic site. These “good Samaritans” will offer advice on where to seek medical treatment or car repairs.  It is potentially a setup for fraudulent medical or insurance claims.

Defensive driving and due diligence can help you avoid going through the trouble of getting caught up in a fraudulent mess.  If you suspect you have been a victim of insurance fraud, contact the risk management professionals at The Daniel and Henry Company.