Awkward Home Encounters: Who Pays For Damaged Home Goods?

A recent Miss Manners’ column featured a dinner party guest who got more than they bargained for –  dry cleaning bills for a one-of-a-kind tablecloth.  The guests were warned by the hostess of the tablecloth’s importance and uniqueness and were asked to please not spill anything on it.  Of course, the guest’s glass of wine spilled – by accident.  After a surprising phone call from the hostess, the guest was asked to cover the expensive costs of the cleaning.  What would you have done?
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Miss Manners suggests that – although it was tactless and rude for the hostess to press the matter – the guest should pay the dry cleaning bill. The Daniel and Henry Co. has thought a step beyond Miss Manners’ suggestion.  Paying the dry cleaning check would be easy when you have a homeowners policy to respond on your behalf.  While all policies have differences, one quick call to your insurance broker can determine if your policy may respond. Your policy will pay on your behalf for bodily injury, or in this case, property damage. 

Our advice is to let your insurance company deal with the party hostess – this will get you off the hook both emotionally and financially. If you have questions about your specific policy and how it would respond in a similar situation, please contact the personal insurance professionals at The Daniel and Henry Company.