The majority of consumers believe all automobile insurance policies are the same. Unfortunately, it is only after an accident that they realize they are not! The Daniel and Henry Co. represents A rated carriers that can provide coverage beyond the standard at a competitive price.

  • No depreciation on your auto for the policy term. This protects you from out of pocket expense related to leases, loans, or loss of value.
  • Original Manufacture Parts – allows you to repair your vehicle with parts made by the manufacturer rather than second hand scraps from the junk yard.
  • Worldwide liability protection for automobiles you rent, lease or borrow for 90 days or less. Most policies only cover the United States, its possession, and Canada.
  • No deductible for breakage or repair of glass.
  • Rental car coverage that provides you no daily limit – allowing you to drive a comparable vehicle if your car is damaged due to a covered loss.
  • Corporate car coverage – this provides protection for you and your spouse while driving a company car.

Check with your current agent to see if your policy provides these options…then call The Daniel and Henry Co. to get the coverage you desire.