Winter Driving Tips From The Daniel And Henry Company

No matter the road conditions, the end of the year marks peak traveling time for drivers across the country. Whether your journey leads you directly to an interstate or takes you through winding, country roads, it is important to be prepared before your family starts their trip. The Daniel and Henry Company has a few trips that can help keep you, your family and your car safe this holiday season.

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  • Many people are in a hurry around the holidays – even in bad weather. Pay attention to other drivers, slow down and give yourself plenty of room to stop. Remember that an accident will cause you much more than a headache versus arriving to your destination a little late.
  • Be careful when pulling onto streets that have mounds of snow piled up. While your road might be cleared of snow thanks to your local snowplow, your vision of oncoming traffic can be affected.
  • Turn your lights on, clean off your windshield and scrape your back window off before you put your car in drive. Sure, you could just turn the defrost on and pray that your windows clear up fast, but you would be putting your family and other drivers in danger. Take the extra couple of minutes to remove any debris or snow from your car – this will also give your car a few minutes to warm up!

By following the tips that Daniel and Henry has outlined, it will ensure that your automobile insurance has the best coverage this winter. If you are not satisfied with your auto insurance, it is time to contact the professionals at The Daniel and Henry Company – we specialize in creating the perfect policy for every individual.