Three Fall Home Maintenance Tips From The Daniel And Henry Company

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year – the leaves are changing colors, fall decorations are on display and we get to sport our warmer weather wardrobe.  With all of the fun things that come with the fall season, there are also a few preparations that should be made to ready your home for the winter months.
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1.       Furnace checkup – Do not wait until winter to find that your heating system needs a tune-up.  Change your air filter to ensure better efficiency when colder weather hits and be sure to do so every month for maximum efficiency.  Don’t think your furnace is running at 100 percent capacity?  Contact an HVAC professional for help.  An HVAC contractor can detect important irregularities, such as higher carbon monoxide levels and blockages that need cleaning.

2.       Schedule a chimney sweep – Does your family cozy up to a fireplace when colder weather hits?  Be sure to contact a chimney sweep for an inspection.  A full sweep can help ensure the proper flow of smoke and soot leaving your chimney.  After having your chimney cleaned, use unsoiled firewood – it burns the longest and cleanest.

3.       Empty gas-powered equipment – Keep your garage or storage shed safe this winter by emptying fuel from any gas-powered piece of equipment that will go unused during the colder months.  Leaving gas in lawn mowers and line trimmers can cause a clog in fuel lines due to excess sediment buildup.

Preparing your home in advance for common winter home problems will help give your family peace of mind when the cold weather rolls in.  The most important piece of advice Daniel and Henry Company can give is to make sure that your home is covered – accidents happen no matter how prepared you are.  Contact a homeowner insurance professional today to find out more on what Daniel and Henry’s policies can do for you.