Daniel And Henry Co. Explains: Commercial Insurance Coverage

3 (5)[1]At The Daniel And Henry Co., we recognize the many exposures you will face in managing your business – and we are here to help identify and provide you with the coverage your company will need for protection into the future.  A very expansive portion of our business solutions is our commercial insurance coverage.

Property – Make sure your company is properly protected for loss to your property, or the loss of its income-producing ability. We can help you determine the proper amount of coverage needed to put you back in business following a loss.

General liability – We analyze your liability exposures to offer the very best solutions, limits and coverage to protect your business against third party claims.

Workers’ compensation – Workers’ Compensation enables your business to provide coverage for employees who are hurt on the job. We will analyze your business from a loss control and safety perspective to determine the appropriate coverage needed to protect your business and prevent injury to your valued employees.

Automobile – Your Broker will structure coverage to meet the range of your exposures and risk—from single and multiple vehicles to garage operations, truckers and motor carriers.

Are you ready to enhance your commercial insurance coverage? Our dedicated group of professionals works closely with stable, innovative and financially sound insurance companies to provide your business with comprehensive coverage, cost-effective insurance and innovative risk management solutions. Contact The Daniel and Henry Co. today to find out more.