The Daniel And Henry Company Explains: Burglar-Proof Your Home

Whether crime is up in your area or you are planning an extended out of town vacation, you can never be too protective of your home. To keep your property and those inside of it protected, The Daniel and Henry Company recommends reviewing your home’s security. By following a few tips, you can help prevent burglary. 

1 (1)[1]Don’t give prospective home intruders a great view. Chances are that you have a nice television, DVD player and more in your living room. Be sure to use common sense when staging your space. Don’t put your TV right in front of the window, etc. Consider using landscaping to obstruct passers-by from viewing. We suggest shrubs – they not only block an easy view, but they also make it difficult for burglars to get too close to your window

Consider using an alarm system. Yes, they are a more expensive deterrent – but sometimes common sense and due diligence is just not enough to keep criminals out. Some homeowner insurance policies offer policy discounts for customers with installed Central Station security systems. When installing a security system, don’t forget to secure your windows as well.

Be smarter than the intruder. In the unfortunate instance that a home invasion does occur, the typical burglar will want to get in and out of your house as fast as possible. If your valuables are stored in untraditional places, burglars will cut their losses in order to not get caught.

Do you have any additional security tips to help deter a burglar? Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages and share them with us. Want to learn more about how your homeowners insurance policy can protect your losses in the chance of a home invasion? Contact the risk management professionals at The Daniel And Henry Co. today.